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You Tell Us: Can Uncharted 3 outsell Gears of War 3?

You Tell Us: Can Uncharted 3 outsell Gears of War 3?

We love the Uncharted series. We love Nathan Drake, and the fact that he’s seemingly a loveable rogue when in fact he’s killed more people than World War II and salmonella combined.

We also love the sales of the series: according to the boys and girls over at VGChartz (we know, we know) the series has sold around 8.39 million units world wide. Pretty good, no?

Obviously that’s a nice haul, but it’s one that’s eclipsed by the Xbox 360 franchise Gears of War, which has sold around 12.6 million units.

Now, this isn’t a discussion regarding the respective quality of the games: both are awesome, even if we do favour Uncharted because it has far more personality. The real question is, with the PlayStation gaining ground on the Xbox 360’s lead, can Uncharted 3 take the series to the next level, sales wise?

Personally, we anticipate that Uncharted will sell by the bucketload this year, and break the 5 million units barrier. 10 million? Probably not. As ever, let us know what you think in the comments. Best response wins the satisfaction that their response was the best.

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    I actually don’t see Uncharted outselling Gears of War. I love both games, but let’s be honest PS3 gamers love to brag about exclusives without buying. I know I’ll be getting both although I lean toward Gears of War for its CO-OP element!

  • David

    I like both games, but Uncharted is better. Case in point, i’ve replayed Uncharted 1&2 3 or 4 times it’s just that good. Uncharted is more desevring of success, but Gears will probably do better.

    Part of the reason why Microsoft do better is that catter to the largest possible audiance. Uncharted is a great single player game, but doesn’t have co-op story. Furthermore more people will use Gears online than Uncharted (I think Uncharted is better, but i’m not an online fan and Live is more popular than PSN).

    So in conclusion, Uncharted should do better than Gears (both deserve to do well) but it won’t.

  • Hutton121

    Forget Uncharted Online, it will never be anywhere near as popular as MW3 and the likes, no matter how good it is.

    Give it a shit hot single player story, make it worth playing 2 or 3 times and do what it does best…kick ass.

    Pisses me off when every game thinks it has to crack the online market at the expense of the overall game, some games were made for online play, this just aint one of em!

  • Here’s what I say Uncharted you guys are right is a Great singleplayer and as this comment from huttons Hell I own a PS3 but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go on braging about how good uncharted 3 is going to be. Heres what I think GOW3 has probably better gameplay and more guns cooler effect’s but Uncharted here has the better Story mode campagin and Actully I loved playing the Uncharted 3 beta with my brother and It was just Great a few things Naughty dog could improve on and face it GOW3 needs more to it as well Like in GOW1 and 2 I haven’t seen any of the characters try to climb walls or hang off the ledge and fire shots from their pistols UC3 has the better benifit there And to tell you the Truth Hutton MW or COD is really getting old now it’s just the same old Crap just with new weapons and maps So What? and playing in 1st person sucks you can’t see the whole idea of whats going on in the battlefield and you die in about 2 or 3 shots from any gun UC and GOW have it where You get shot 1once and guess what you wont die amazing because COD old and boring come out with the new