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Yakuza 3 to be translated into English, with added English


Update: Turns out this doesn’t apply to Europe, and might not even apply to the US. Whoops.

Original: Right. We’re back. Get on with it.

Not only is Yakuza 3 now heading to our shores complete with fully-translated words (written), it’s going to be backed up with fully-translated words (spoken) too. Madness. While the second game eschewed any of this English-speaking nonsense we’re so accustomed to, it isn’t a series first – the original game had English all over it too.

Speaking on the 1UP podcast, Sega of America studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos said:

“A lot of lines in [Yakuza 3] so obviously the more expensive it gets, you wanna land the right actors, voice the right parts… Whenever Sega brings a game over [to the US] and makes the investment, the heavy investment, into localization, we’re talking over 500, 600, 700K to localize this game.  Lot of voices, lot of different peeps, lot of different characters.”

Okay, so it’s not a word-for-word confirmation – more like talking about the budgets involved in re-dubbing games. But it’s as good as for us, especially as Sony America demand games released over there have an English language option in them. Therefore Yakuza 3 will likely have dual audio for its western release, which is nice news to come back to work to.

Listen to the 1UP podcast here.

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