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XCOM announced for PS3?

XCOM announced for PS3?


No. It hasn’t been. And this makes us sad. Sorry for the ruse. Still, there’s a trailer for it out now, and it makes us even sadder that 2K Marin’s take on the classic series (even though only one game in said series (of five) could be classed as a bona-fide ‘classic’) is only going to PC and 360.

Still, that won’t stop us from being excited about the game, so here’s a trailer:

You never know, we might return to PlayStation news next week…

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  • goalieman43

    How desperate are you for hits that you put a contradicting title?

    I wish I could take my hit back, please manage your website better.

  • Michel Sabbagh

    Play, it IS coming to the PS3!

  • Ian Dransfield

    Bear in mind this post was made some time last year, well before it was announced on PS3.