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X360 Magazine & 360 Magazine Become As One!

X360 Magazine & 360 Magazine Become As One!

Things are changing at X360 Magazine and 360 Magazine. These two great powers of Xbox 360 journalism are uniting as one. Will and Kate, Starsky and Hutch, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Apart, these things are great, together they are something altogether more special.

So 360 Magazine is no more a standalone publication. For the past four weeks, we’ve taken both its heart and its soul and transplanted them into the gaping space created in trimming X360’s fat. When we sewed it all up again, we found that what we had created was not some shambling chimera, but a publication with a singular purpose: to be best.

And the first issue is out on 11 July.

Here is just some of the stuff inside:

20 Blockbuster Games Coming To Xbox 360! Your complete guide to the next twelve months of AAA gaming. Including:

• Assassin’s Creed III
• Halo 4
• Black Ops II
• Gears Of War: Judgment
• Resident Evil 6
• Crysis 3
• Hitman: Absolution
• Watch Dogs
• Splinter Cell: Blacklist
• Many, many more… well, 10 more to be precise… featuring interviews, behind the scenes access and in many cases, we go hands-on with the latest gameplay!

And also…

• Is E3 Still relevant? We ask industry insiders whether the show that makes the hype still earns its keep.
• Assassin’s Creed III: So much hype, but can it deliver?
• Ultimate Showdown: Games Vs. Movies
• Sleeping Dogs blow-by-blow gameplay walkthrough

And a new cover DVD, including bespoke features:

• Gears Of War: Judgment
• An uckload of Halo 4 gameplay footage
• Griefer’s Guide to Max Payne 3
• Tips & Tricks: Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
• This month’s Top 5 Indie Games
• All the latest trailers with team commentary
• And a load more stuff t’boot!

And this month’s free book is a complete guide to the SmartGlass and the technology that will shape the future of Xbox…

On shelves 11 July, or you can download the digital edition on any Android, iOS or Windows mobile device at greatdigitalmags.com