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Would you buy Uncharted 3’s offline mode on its own?

Would you buy Uncharted 3’s offline mode on its own?

In an interview with The Sixth Axis, Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond has defended the decision to require an online pass to access Uncharted 3’s online modes. Apparently – given the sheer amount of content the MP modes boast – without the inclusion of the online pass the company would have to split the game into two and charge separately.

Which sounds great to us, if they’d charge less for the two halves than the standard £40-50. It might be accomplished in many areas, but the only reason that Uncharted has a multiplayer mode is because some beatnik from marketing wanted to grab some of that lovely Call of Duty-flavoured dollar. So why not release the single-player on its own for, say, £25?

We’d snap that up thank you very much. We appreciate that developers are pouring cash into these games, and need to ‘monetise their investment’, but we can’t say that we give two hoots about an Uncharted multiplayer mode. Make the single-player portion downloadable over PSN at a reduced price (therefore reducing cost from packaging, shipping etc) and don’t charge something stupid like £57.99 and we’re onto a winner.

What do you guys think?

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  • Thomas

    I would propably buy the singleplayer-standalone. i also didnt play the multi of the second game… so… if it would be a bargain, singleplayer only for me please…

  • James Koppert

    I think it would be fair. I also love the fact you have the balls to ask the question.

    I know a few people that are not even online and pay the same price as the games that i do never using the online functions at all. A lower price I am sure will be very much welcomed by them. Also games like Resistance, I am in love with the campaign mode but have spent half an hour on the online aspects and probably wont go online again

  • Shaun

    I would buy the single player stand alone for sure, but at the same time would worry if that would set a precedent for other developers to split there games, which would mean paying more for whole games where you want both experiences, because i have no doubt that if uncharted where to sell in two halves it wouldn’t be half the price on day of release more like £30 i would say.

    Granted there are not many games when you look forward to both online and off, but then there in lies the surprise, GTA online mode surprised me by how entertaining it was and im sure alot of you of were surprised by others.

    My argument is, it may sound like a good idea to split games up now but may hurt those of us who do have broadband and want both the online and single player elements.
    Maybe if they still kept the choice of having both, as a buy both and still get it for the £40 norm kind of deal then yes id get behind that idea.

    Also if MP were to be sold separately that would also mean split screen (which is the only offline MP experience that people without broadband has access to) will also go over to the MP part of the game.

  • Conor

    I dont care for Uncharted multiplayer,im only interested in the single player.

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  • Cool

    I have and never will play the online part of Uncharted. I buy the game for the single player part only. I would even have a platinum on Uncharted 2 if I was to take it online. But I want to show gamers that I don’t care about the multiplayer parts of games. I buy games for their stories not the added crap. Which I know some people like but for me I would prefer a longer campaign instead of online play.

  • CaptainBoomstick(PSN)

    I am one of these people, which I know there are many of us out there, that are looking only for quality single player and at times local co-op experiences. I hate the fact of paying $60 for a game that had most of the focus placed on the online multiplayer and the single player campaign was an afterthought. Especially since this is usually not disclosed by the developer. I think your idea to have the choice of buying them seperate from each other is fantastic. I likely will not play UC3 multiplayer. I am in it for the single player adventure. If I could pay, lets say $30 – $40 just for that it would be ideal. Great article!

  • Randy C

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do since I don’t buy online pass games new. I’ll wait for this to get cheap and buy it used, so basically, I am just buying the single-player campaign.

    Funny thing is, if it didn’t have an online pass, I’d buy it new on day one. Ironic isn’t it?

  • bigevilworldwide

    I wish less games felt the need to tack on multiplayer, how many damn games do we need with the same multi that 1000 other games have. Its kind of annoying when we get a game with a 4 hr campaign because they felt the need to add multiplayer. Or split it, every time I’ve played a game online, the MP douche bags and screaming kids make it such a turn off to play.

  • There are other games out there that won’t have the same value for a standalone single player experience (that’s why I don’t plan buying any Call of Duty games after Modern Warfare 2). That kind of games really deserved some diferent distribution with lower value on short single player campaigns that really don’t deserve my U$ 60.

    In Uncharted 2, multiplayer really feels like a bonus. Hope the third installment behaves the same. If so, it will be worth the same 60 bucks i’ve spent to play the other 2 single player experiences.

  • MIke H

    i totally agree. the only multi i ever play is fighters. 60 bux for a 4-8 hour game is ridiculous. the online beta i tried was just boring to me. im more a single player guy. the developers need to seperate the game digitally. theres no reason i should pay for something im NEVER going to use.

  • datdude

    I have never bought a game for it’s multiplayer component. And I never will. Too glitchy, too many cheaters, too many individuals who try to harm the experience with their words or gameplay actions. Who wants their experience to be decided largely by a community of idiots? Not me. Love uncharted single player, dabble in multiplayer from time to time. Love Mass Effect, might be the only game I spend alot of time with it’s upcoming online co-op, if Bioware nails it. Love Gears of War, rarely hop onto the multi.. get my drift? Not to mention I progress in the single player at my own pace. Don’t have to devote 10 hours to leveling up just to get a weapon I want merely to be remotely competitive. No thank you.

  • Scrum

    I would buy it on its own. Definitely.

  • derrick

    That’s why I’m buying it in the first place. So … yes! Lol