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Win Crysis 2!

Win Crysis 2!

We’ll get straight to the point on this one – you might already have joined up but Play has an all singing, all dancing Facebook page! Which doesn’t sing. Or dance. But it is on Facebook and it is a page, so we’ve almost won that battle. The address is:


I recommend you sign up to our Facebook page because:

1) our Facebook fan count goes up and then I get to say to my boss “look how many people have signed up to our Facebook page!” and then he goes wow that’s amazing how did you do that and I’m like I totally can’t tell you LULZ it are my secret and I are not telling you (I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea).

2) We give lots of stuff away

3) We’ve got this photo of Chris McMahon playing the drums where he looks a bit ‘special’ that will be uploaded soon, so you can make funny comments about it which we will then read out loud to him and watch him get slightly embarrassed

4) See point 3)

5) See point 2)

But mostly, you’ll care about point 2). We’ve given away a Kasumi statue and copy of Killzone 3 in recent weeks and now we’re giving away a copy of Crysis 2. All you have to do to be entered into the draw is click Like on this photo and… wait. The winner will be drawn on Monday 28th March.

Good luck and seriously, wait until you see that photo of Chris McMahon. It’s amazing.

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