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Win a 42-inch HDTV worth over £1,000

Win a 42-inch HDTV worth over £1,000

With prices going up and spare cash fading fast we can’t all enjoy the latest cutting-edge technology. In fact the best most of us can hope for is a quick gaming session sat in our pants in the spare room with only the glow from the portable TV to keep us warm. But sometimes fate smiles on us and gives us the opportunity to live like one of those guys you see on Cribs. All right, maybe you won’t get the jacuzzi and a fleet of cars, but thanks to the good folks at Argos you can get your hands on an amazing big-screen TV. 42 inches, Full HD and with freesat built in, this visual gem from LG retails for over £1,099 and is set to improve your gaming and life in general.

To be in with a chance of winning just answer this simple question:

What is the main cover game on Play issue 191?
a)    True Crime
b)    Grand Theft Auto
c)    Fallout

Submit your answers by email to play@imagine-publishing.co.uk with the subject header ‘TV Comp’. The closing date for entries is 12 May 2010.


This prize has been supplied courtesy of Argos, who provide a wide range of LCD TVs, Blu-ray players and PS3 consoles.

  • Linda Revell

    Please, please, please let me win this wonderful prize!!!

  • Sheila Gibson

    This will be the gear above our mantlepeice. Well done all

  • Aidan Coughlan

    Really great prize guys, would be nice considering my TV just packed in!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Ian Dransfield

    Sorry Aidan, you’re almost a year out: “The closing date for entries is 12 May 2010.”