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Wii Exclusives On PlayStation3

Wii Exclusives On PlayStation3

We’ve been talking about exclusives a lot recently. Xbox 360 exclusives on PlayStation3, PlayStation3 exclusives coming to Xbox 360, what games will be exclusive, what games will remain exclusive, if exclusives even matter… there will always be talk about exclusives.

But what about Wii? Nintendo’s console often gets left out of the discussion for a few reasons. It has a unique control system thanks to its Wii Remote, which means that translating games across is either awkward or impossible. As a console, it’s not nearly as powerful as PlayStation3, so its games can’t compete on that level and won’t have the same kind of appeal to the PlayStation3 demographic. Perhaps the biggest problem is that its heaviest hitting exclusives are those created and published by Nintendo, meaning the likes of Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Wii will never make the jump to a Sony console.

Even so, more Wii exclusives are making the belated jump to PlayStation3, with the likes of No More Heroes and House of the Dead: Overkill no longer restricted to their Nintendo homes. What else would you like to see make the jump across, if anything?

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  • FrankieADZ

    theres a few, but im not sure if there published by Nintendo tho…but here goes:
    Zack & Wiki
    Red Steel 2
    House of the Dead 2&3

    there the main ones that really stick in my mind and would work well on the PS3 imo

  • Jack

    Any Wii only Sonic titles.

  • Stratos


  • Sid

    I owned a Wii before a PS3 and a few games I really enjoyed included:

    Battalion Wars 2 (AMAZING)

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (A great first person shooter)

    Super Smash Bros Brawl (It’s alright)

    Downloadable title – Onslaught (A great fun game, on the Wii Shop Channel)