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Why we need GTA remakes

Why we need GTA remakes

The past week has been treacherous for many reasons. The country is awash with violence and yobbery. America’s stock market is running out of confidence in itself faster than Dimitar Berbatov in a big game. Worst of all, we tried to play GTA: San Andreas again, which – although still supremely stylish – reminded us that 2004 was a long, long time ago.

Which is a shame, because GTA San Andreas is still a phenomenal experience. One of our favourite moments in all of gaming is getting into a Harrier jet at dawn/dusk, setting the camera to ‘cinematic’, switching to the K-DST radio station and flying around, taking it all in. Beautiful.

So it’s a shame that poor draw distance, low quality textures and streaming issues hamper the game. Yeah, it’s nearly seven years old, obviously it’s going to have aged. Which is why we need an HD remake.

Come on, everyone’s on that particular bandwagon these days, why not GTA? We’re not too bothered about GTA III and Vice City: in technical terms they’re not as badly afflicted as San Andreas due to their respective size and scope. But playing San Andreas again makes us pine for a graphical upgrade for Rockstar’s biggest game, much like recent PC mods have provided.

Not convinced? Let us paint you this – totally unrealistic, impractical – picture: San Andreas, with Red Dead Redemption’s graphics and GTA IV’s physics.

Yeah. That’s what we thought. And if that can’t happen, can we just have a version of San Andreas where we’re not killed by suddenly materialising trees please? It’s ruining our fly-by’s.

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  • Chris

    This would be the best thing ever to happen in gaming today. EVAR.