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Why NBA 2K12 Is Unique

Why NBA 2K12 Is Unique

Confession time – I like basketball. Love it, even. Not sure why I feel this has to be a confession except that basketball hasn’t really caught on in the UK. Even so, given my height (6′ 5″) and football team (erm, Barnet), maybe it was inevitable that I found another sport to follow.

Basketball was that sport. I loved watching Vince Carter play before his knees failed him, the same way I love watching Blake Griffin now, the clever passes, the ‘Decision‘ and the drama that followed, and the players who were mental enough to change their names to Metta World Peace (seven years after that same player ran into the stands to punch fans of the other team).

But this blog isn’t a defense of basketball. Instead, it’s a blog on why NBA 2K12 will be the most unique sports game out this year.

1) Presentation Is Unmatched

Okay, it’s a weak argument but I’m really delaying for the main reason. And it’s not like it’s not true anyway. American sports broadcasting has always placed the emphasis on being slick and shiny, so it’s inevitable that games based on those sports would follow the same footsteps.

Even so, the level of presentation in the NBA 2K series is incredible – from the jerseys to the commentaries to the menus. And you know they’ve done something right when even the menus are worthy of praise.

2) EA Sports Hasn’t Dominated

This isn’t really a mark against EA Sports, which deserves credit for being so consistent with the Madden series and for pulling FIFA from the gutter to the top. But it’s nice to have a good sports alternative available on these shores without an EA logo on the box, with EA’s own NBA Live becoming NBA Elite before being cancelled.

So even if EA can’t quite figure out basketball, again, it’s still a weak argument. This is all a prelude to the big reason NBA 2K12 is unique, which is…

3) There’s No Actual NBA This Year

Yes, really. The NBA season is in real danger of being cancelled – NBA has threatened to sue its own players, time is running out for a resolution to be agreed and NBA players are heading abroad. As owners look to claw back some of the revenue being shared among the players, the heart of the dispute (there’s a full breakdown here), it’s even become so bad that NBA coaches aren’t even allowed to contact or even mention their players during the lockout. Doing so will incur a fine.

NBA 2K12 has already been hit by this. Analysts predict sales will drop – perhaps inevitable given there won’t be any NBA games on TV to help drive sales – and none of the drafted rookies this year are even allowed to feature until the lockout is resolved.

It’s a weird situation and one that ensures the only way anyone will be seeing basketball this year, outside of old Youtube clips and classic matches re-runs, it’s via a game. Imagine the same thing happening to FIFA…