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Why Make Another Resi Movie?

Why Make Another Resi Movie?


Ask a stupid questions and you get a pretty straight forward answer. When ShockTillYouDrop.com ask Milla Jovovich why Paul W.S. Anderson and herself were returning to the franchise she cut straight to the green.

“The movie makes money,” she told the horror focused website. “If it makes more money than the last one, you’d think that people want to see another one, so we’ll do another one.” It wasn’t all about the money though. Jovovich believes there is still a lot of public interest in the series regardless of its poor reviews. “There’s been a lot of interest online, there’s been a lot of letters from fans,” she revealed. “It’s not like I said, ‘Hey, honey! Let’s do another one right away!’ I mean, it’s an expensive film and it’s all business and if the third one didn’t do well, there wouldn’t be another one.”


The new Resident Evil (title Resident Evil: Afterlife) movie will also be going 3D, which Anderson is currently boning up on right now. “He’s been really studying it and seeing all the different things they have and watching every 3D movie ever made pretty much,” Jovovich continued. “Especially for a movie like this, because it’s wild and a lot of action and a lot of potential for 3D to use the medium at its best. Paul has been going to every 3D company and he’s now signed a deal to go with Jim Cameron’s 3D company–they did ‘Avatar’–It should be pretty interesting. I’ve never actually seen a 3D movie.”

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