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Why is Driver: San Francisco £57.99 on PSN?

Why is Driver: San Francisco £57.99 on PSN?

Ah, the internet. The greatest invention of our time, even greater than remote controls or pop tarts, and the bringer of so much joy.

Sometimes however, people fundamentally misunderstand the internet, and then stupidity like this happens: Driver: San Francisco up for sale as a digital download for the frankly brain-liquefying price of £57.99.

Like Red Faction Armageddon before it, this is frankly mental. You could probably buy all of the actual San Francisco for that money with the way the US economy is going, and yet either Sony or Ubisoft or whoever has decided that selling someone a bunch of above-average ones and zeroes, with no box, no manual – and more dishearteningly no new manual smell, which is the only reason anyone even buys games – is a good idea.

Mental, just mental.

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  • FrankieADZ

    we know why its £57.99

    Cos its worth it 😉 lol

    Shameful 🙁

  • It’s Ubisoft who set the price, unfortunately. Sony can only advise against pricing, but it’s the publishers who set it.

    I’m assuming, as they are the same price, that it’s the same case as it was with Red faction, in that this time Ubisoft have published it on the Store under the European RRP, which is £57.99 or €69.99. That’s what THQ did with Red Faction.

  • Joey

    €70. You could get a load of drugs for that money and a load of drugs do sound a whole lot more appealing than an extortionately priced digital copy of a mediocre game.
    Are Ubisoft encouraging drug usage? Maybe the company really needs to up the sales of their arse-spanking wii/Move game, or are all on drugs themselves.

  • Richie

    PSN £57.99 and Steam £29.99 disgusting