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Why do gamers want to see this man’s ding-a-ling?

Why do gamers want to see this man’s ding-a-ling?

Four weeks ago, I wrote this blog post on Kane & Lynch 2. I couldn’t be that specific at the time, but it was about my reaction to the level where Kane & Lynch are both naked, cut-up and covered head-to-toe in blood. To be honest, it didn’t get that much interest at the time, but then last week it saw a bit of a resurgence in hits. Close inspection of the traffic data reveals that most of this second wind can be attributed to Google searches. What were people actually searching for? I’m almost embarrassed to say. But here’s a small sample…

kane and lynch 2 nude
kane and lynch 2 nudity
does kane and lynch blurr out nudity
is there nudity in kane and lynch 2
nudity in kane
how to play kane and lynch 2 without blured bits
censor nude patch kayne & lynch 2

You get the idea. There are hundreds of these though. Hundreds.

So, er… what are these people actually hoping for? I mean, surely there are easier and far better ways to get your rocks off. Is it simply that as soon as you censor something, people automatically want to see it? Or are Kane and Lynch underground gay gaming icons? And most of all, if you were simply searching for ‘nudity’, why the hell would you even click on a story about Kane & Lynch 2? The mind truly boggles.

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  • The Man

    youre totaly right man .Why do people wanna see their DING-A-LINGS ?

    *carefully, stealthily edited by a mod*

  • NiceCleanTopicSpamMan

    Well of course! People always want to have what they can’t have. I already have a pair of hairy balls but that balding mullet looks sweet so I guess I’m just lucky.

  • Steve

    Aww, I was hoping for a picture of his willy…


  • Olaf

    Actually their dig-a-lings are not the only censored stuff in the game. People are trying to find a “nude” patch because that’s the common name of “GET RID OF PIXELATED CENSORSHIP” on almost every single game out there that has this same kind of effect. the pixelated effect is somewhat used to censor some games like when you are taking a bath in The Sims which is a “family game” and I can understand that. The problem is that in Kane & Lynch 2, this effect is used every time you see naked people or when you do a headshot. It´s a pretty lame effect in a game where the producers allow you to kill thousands of people. Unbelievable!!!

  • Max

    lol. I assume people want a patch because it adds a certain shock value, alongside a higher degree of realism to the game. The problem with games today is that in general, we don’t expect to be shocked.
    In the Mass Effect 2 “sex” scenes, we expected to see exactly what we saw; a toned down glance at what was happening. That’s not to say that people want to sit there and watch Shepard and Jack going at it for half an hour, but that people want a more unpredictable, real experience, free from the artificial, unrealistic feel which censorship forces onto games.
    I for one would be disgusted at seeing Lynch’s balls, but then again, that very feeling would make the game memorable.

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    It’s not censorship. It’s a deliberate stylistic choice. It’s not a particularly effective one, but that’s a different matter anyway.

  • patrick

    I for one have no interest in seeing a bald mans bloody penis.

  • Sean

    As Gav said it’s a stylistic choice, the character designers would have had this in mind when creating them, so even if there was a patch to get rid of it (censorship) there probably wouldn’t be anything there anyway.

  • stu

    I paid good money for this game why cant there be an option in the menu where you can turn on/off content like whats in mw2 censorship on/off how hard would that bee really

  • Cake

    I think the searches are by parents and girlfriend who feel worried and/or threatened that their boyfriends and kids might be seeing some tits in the game.
    About the blurring, here come the horny teens wanting some tits in their games?
    I haven’t played the game, and I heard the first one was garbage, so I wouldn’t know what “blurred bits” they are talking about.

  • Xamot

    The article forgot to mention that Kane & Lynch 2 was a rubbish game. 4 hours long and only a challenge due to weird aiming/shooting physics.