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Why Black Ops’ multiplayer will be better than Modern Warfare 2’s

Why Black Ops’ multiplayer will be better than Modern Warfare 2’s

1. Theatre Mode
It’s arguably a superfluous addition, and could legitimately be labelled an afterthought given that Theatre mode started out life as a debug tool, and only found its way into the game after the developers found how much fun they could have with it. But it’s brilliant, because it’s a tool perfectly fitted to CoD’s play experience. How many times have you wanted to watch a throwing knife kill? Or see just how that grenade managed to kill your enemy? Black Ops’ matches are so full off unpredictable, emergent behaviour, that it would be a shame to miss it all. Theatre ensures that’s no longer an issue.

2. Refinement
There are hundreds of small tweaks made to Black Ops multiplayer, many of them hidden to the player’s eye, many readily apparent. Weapon fall off is a little greater, for instance, so enemies at range don’t do quite as much damage. More obvious is the omission of perks such as Juggernaut and Stopping Power, which have been removed to better balance the game. The result is tangible; the tweaking behind the scenes means matches better support that kind of play that makes CoD so unique – getting shot, having your health regenerate, escaping and reflanking the enemys. Oh, and in all the time we’ve spent with Black Ops we haven’t missed Deathstreaks once.

3. The Maps
We thought Infinity Ward’s maps were excellent, that was until we played Treyarch’s at a recent multiplayer event. We must admit, initially we weren’t convinced. The environments lacked some of the personality of Modern Warfare 2’s, and the clever design didn’t seem to come quite so effortlessly. That’s because it hasn’t. It’s come after a lot of hard work. These maps have been play tested to death and then some, and the results is maps that slowly reveal their secrets, their bottlenecks, their camping spots only after repeated play. Whether they’re twisted, winding labyrinths; open, freeform arenas; or small, claustrophobic spaces, they’re all designed to ensure a flow to matches that never breaks the pace.

4. Currency
Call Of Duty: Black Ops supports a currency system that allows players to unlock items as they choose, so instead of progressing through the levels or completing marksman challenges to unlock equipment it’s now done by spending you CoD Points. Now we now what you’re thinking, ‘Treyarch’s gone and unbalanced progression! It’s going to ruin everything!’ No. Not the case at all. If the CP system does anything it’s place the game on a more even keel, as it gives all players the chance to start playing to their preferred style earlier on. Balanced play is ensured by Treyarch’s decision to keep weapons are still unlocked only via level – it’s only equipment, perks and killstreaks unlocked via CP.

5. Wager Matches
Ah, the crème de la crème of Black Ops’ multiplayer offering. Wager Matches allow you to gamble your hard earned CP with the hopes of a bigger return on investment. There are four modes on offer, each offering an old-school arcade alternative to the more strategic play of traditional multiplayer. Sticks And The Stones is probably one of the best multiplayer modes going, arming the player with just an explosive crossbow, a ballistic knife, a tomahawk, and very limited ammo. The perect mix of chaos and strategy, you’ll know what we’re talking about when you hit up the game tomorrow…

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  • Jack

    I never really enjoyed Modern Warfare 2s multiplayer so if I even have a little bit of fun, Black ops will already be better.

  • Gamer 89523

    ANYTHING is better than MW2’s multiplayer aspect.

  • All Your Base

    Realism, the whole meaning of mw2 was just that. Even after 10 prestige’s i still jump out of my skin when someone point blank shoots me with a shotgun, which i guess is what would happen if it was actually happened in real life lol. Try this on black ops, i bet you wont even realise you’ve been shot until you see the kill cam.
    I feel let down because its a mixture between WaW & bad compant battlefield II. They only reason i wont be trading in this game is as with WaW the zombies game is puka better than WaW. It’s hard to rate this game with just a single rating so i think i’ll do it a bit differently:

    Black op’s

    Zombies *****
    Campaign ** [i completed it on hardened in a few hours :/
    Multi player ***

    Zombies N/A
    Campaign *****
    Multi player *****

    Final thought, if you like zombies get black op’s aka “black ooop’s”
    If you want a spine tingling, realistic war game, get MW2 🙂

  • robson1456

    black ops overtakes mw2 its much better… in mw2 the graphics are not as good as black ops, on black ops you see the blood squirt in the air you don’t see that on mw2… this means that you get more excited… the only thing that let me down when i play it is that the marathon is not as good, i would rate black ops 10/10 due to the reasons presented and mw2 only gains 8/10 against black ops… this is due to the face that you can customise your character on line and the graphics are better as you see more detail and seeing the blood pump up in the air looks real and when you get shot you can actually see what it looks like and you die instantly after being shot on black ops, and on mw2 when shot you dont you stand for about 2 seconds after also on black ops when shot and not instantly killed you go on floor and use the secondary gun and you can cowards way out, you can not do this on mw2… I believe these reasons are valid an make alot of sense and that you should reconsider and actually play the game before saying that mw2 is better then black ops…

  • Barry

    Well having owned black ops since it’s release date (ps3) activision And treyarch need to iron out all the bugs, the freezing issue, the network host failure and use the other 256 graphics memory it decided not to use when porting the game for ps3 .
    This game has been spoiled for the ps3 and I have read lots of bad reports from other ps3 users from call of duty forum.

    At the least a patch is needed, I hope this message helps us ps3 cod black ops players get a result…. Barry