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Who are you kidding?

Who are you kidding?


I didn’t mean for my first PLAY blog post to be one that put me on the offensive, but recent mud slinging concerning the changes to how videogames will be rated in the UK have compelled me to speak up. The most recent story is the BBFC still trying to justify why it should be given the job or rating games in Britain despite the fact they have already been passed by Pan European Game Information (PEGI), which the government has now given full backing.

The BBFC has claimed that it found a recipe for Crystal Meth in GTA IV, something that PEGI did not find and thus proving that the BBFC is superior. “We did examine [GTA IV] extremely thoroughly and we are the only regulator I know of who looked, for instance, at the particular issue where… there was a concern about whether you were being given instructional information about how to make the drug crystal meth,” BBFC head David Cooke told The Times.

But the killer point for me is what followed. “We actually took independent advice on the point and eventually were able to satisfy ourselves that some of the crucial ingredients and techniques were missing so it was not a genuine cause for concern.” Apparently ‘crisis talks’ were even held with Rockstar.

So the BBFC thought it had found a reason to ban GTA IV, but then found out it wasn’t a problem at all. I’m not entirely sure I see where this makes the BBFC look good. It got itself into a twist about a fake drugs recipe and then had to back down with its tail between its legs. It’s argument seems to be that PEGI didn’t find a fake drug recipe, which I’m not sure should be a point for any concern. While I’ve never really had a problem with the BBFC its petulant reactions to recent events makes me glad it will have nothing to do with game ratings in the future.

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