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Where next for Resident Evil?

Where next for Resident Evil?


Speaking at Comic Con in San Diego, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi revealed that it is still unclear what direction the franchise is going in the future, or who will be the one to steer it there. Takeuchi revealed that himself, Masachika Kawata (producer of Resident Evil 4) and a third, unnamed producer are playing blackjack to decide, “who is going to be stuck with the responsibility with making the next episode in the series.”

Doesn’t sound overly positive to us, but Takeuchi also said that he believes this third person is the most likely person to take the series forward. “It doesn’t appear as though either of us [himself or Kawata] is going to be in charge,” he said. The question then is who is the likely candidate? Many of Resident Evil‘s old guard no longer works for Capcom. Hideki Kamiya (Resi 2 director) and Shinji Mikami (Resi creator) both work for Platinum Games now, as do many other Resi stalwarts.

We would actually put some money down on Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd as a possible candidate. Bionic Commando may not have set the world alight, but Capcom clearly has a lot of faith in Judd’s ability, and he’s in the best position to Westernise Resident Evil in the way the Japanese publisher has been desperate to do.

Via G4tv and Kotaku

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