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Where is Bully 2?

Where is Bully 2?

Yesterday’s announcement that Rockstar San Diego is hiring for a new open-world game got a lot of people, Play included, a bit excited.

Red Dead 2! people screamed like mad dogs. Amongst this noise, in our comments section, Play reader ‘Joey’ said that they’d prefer Bully 2.

We couldn’t agree more.

Those that haven’t played the original Bully, or dismissed it as ‘GTA in school’, missed out on one of PS2’s best adventures. Superficially similar to Rockstar’s biggest franchise it may well have been, but the key difference was that Bully actually had a heart. It was a stink-bomb perfumed love letter to the days your parents jealously told you were the best of your lives, the mad fools.

GTA is all wish-fulfilment power fantasy, King of New York meets Scarface via The Wire, and bloody good it is too. Bully however is more like The Goonies: nostalgic adventure with just the right mixture of the mundane (school, bullies) the fantastical (hidden pirate ships, hobo martial arts teachers, bike-rides into rival ‘gang’ territory) and the touching (Jimmy’s parents abandoning him at the start) to make it something that the kid in everyone can relate to.

It was brilliant. So where’s the sequel?

Every few years there’s a rumour that goes around that we’ll see it, but it never comes to pass. Some want it to take place in university/college. We see the appeal, but would it work? Probably not. Jimmy would be too old, for a start, and probably spend most of the day in bed watching Jeremy Kyle and eating nothing but noodles.  Not a lot of conflict there.

Unlike the first game, which was in a way about survival and outwitting, not outgunning your foes. Surviving gangs. Surviving bullies. Surviving over-zealous teachers. It was all played in a very subdued manner of course – it was much, much more Byker Grove than Scum – but its there.

The only option, at least in our mind, is military school. Think about it: a slightly older Jimmy, another strict institution, yet more chance for hilarity, a structure and system that must be defied.

Make this happen Rockstar. Make this happen. And if you do, don’t you dare think about not having the soundtrack composed by Shawn Lee. The original game’s score was one of the best in videogame history.

  • Conor

    Well i’d love Red dead 2,bully 2 would be next on my list and i agree the music in it was amazing. 🙂

  • Joey

    Unfortunately it will take a whole lot of convincing to get the majority behind this. I would be disappointed to hear a new Red Dead announcement now. ( Red Dead was great but it didn’t leave me with nearly the same impression as Bully did. )
    I think they wouldn’t have to think up of many huge new ideas for the setting of a new Bully that differ much from the original, maybe it doesn’t even have to be Jimmy’s story. As long as they stick to the same great formula it would be great. I’m glad you agree.