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What’s Your Gaming Set-Up?

What’s Your Gaming Set-Up?

My morning routine at work goes something like this – get to work, see emails, ignore emails, discuss basketball scores with editor-in-chief (“Miami lost didn’t they?”), watch funny YouTube video, ignore emails, rest of team come in, discuss whatever was played last night with team (“Crysis 2 doesn’t even look that good”), look at Twitter, look at our Facebook page, look at Sony blog, tell Chris to do work, sigh and then answer emails.

I noticed this blog by Official Sony Blog Man where he posted a picture of his gaming set-up, found here as I can’t seem to save the picture for whatever reason.

I’d say that was your average, every day set-up. He has an insane amount of games, owing to the job, but the set-up itself is a fairly humble one.  Anyway, it reminded me of a great thread on NeoGAF dedicated to set-ups and some people out there are rocking some ker-aaaaazy ones:

What’s your gaming set-up like?

Also – and bear in mind it’s not safe for work – we think this guy might have the most… unique set-up out there.

  • Joey

    Makes me feel sad looking at those.
    My “set up” is a 20 odd inche (1080p thankfully) tv on a box next to my playstation. This box also contains my clothes so every time I want to get dressed I have to move my tv and playstation on the ground. Also this box is cramped in the corner so I have to play the ps3 from bed, sounds good but it’s not.
    Its all because of a keyboard taking up a whole table. I might have to get rid of this keyboard to reclaim my gaming comfort.
    This dilemma brings up a huge moral question- What is more important, music or gaming? To be or not to be? That is the question.