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What Was Your First Console?

What Was Your First Console?

Remember Master System? It’s still having games released for it! Well, one. And the only game since 1998. And it’s a blatant Mr Driller rip-off. But it still sort of counts and the new Master System game, Digger Chan, can be found at diggerchan.co.uk.

What’s this got to do with PlayStation3? Nothing really. But it did get me thinking about what started me on games to begin with. My very first ever gaming system was Commodore 64 and my first console was Master System. And this was my first game:

Bit different to the modern equivalent:

I actually bought a Sega Saturn over a PlayStation when they were both released – yes, I was a Sega fanboy back in the day and yes, I’m slightly embarrassed admitting it now – but I remember our college had a PlayStation room. No idea why the teachers thought it would help but every lunchtime, without fail, ISS Pro ’98 would be played. There would be swearing. There would be fighting. There would be the odd PlayStation room ban. And then, I ended up getting a PlayStation myself to play it more.

But what gaming system or console started you off on your gaming journey? And what convinced you to make the leap to PlayStation, whether it was the original, PlayStation2 or PlayStation3?

  • Hutton 121

    After many years in Arcades wasting my dads hard earned coin on International Karate and Space Harrier
    I moved on to a Spectrum 128k with the separate tape player…took 20 min to load a game and half the time it stopped at 19min to inform me of an error!

    Then moved on to a commodore 64(Out Run and emlyn hughes international soccer)

    Bought my first Play station after i got sick of my Amiga CD32 which was going to be the next big thing, those and Betamax tapes!

    Didn’t release many games(thank god) and i could only get them from my local Rumbelows! Castles 2 siege and conquest was however a classic that i still play!

    Got my first playstation and was blown away! Tomb Raider and FF7 are still games i play from time to time.

    The PS2 was the corse of my divorce, I owe sony more than I can ever thank them for!

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