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What PS3 games should you buy – September 2010

What PS3 games should you buy – September 2010

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
UK Release: September 10
Activision has made it two in a row with another quality licensed title following the surprising awesomeness of Transformers: War For Cybertron. Spider-Man fans can fork out for this without fear of disappointment.

UK Release: September 10
This one only really comes recommended if you’re also planning on investing in a Move controller. It’s still a thoroughly decent RTS with a regular controller, but the interface can get a little frustrating.

Eyepet: Move
UK Release: September 10
If you’re getting a Move and already have a child, then Eyepet: Move is a must. And if you’re childish and fond of cute things yourself, you’ll probably love it too. Worth buying if you already have the regular version though? Probably not.

Start The Party: Move
UK Release: September 17
It’s fairly basic, and totally pointless on your own, but as an introduction to playing games with Move, Start The Party is perfect. Just don’t expect anything that goes far beyond the familiar EyeToy Play formula.

Sports Champions: Move
UK Release: September 17
The best Move game we’ve played yet and therefore the most compelling reason to get yourself one of Sony’s magic wands. Honestly, it makes Wii Sports look like a joke, assuming you didn’t already think Wii Sports was a joke.

Dead Rising 2
UK Release: September 24
It might have a few of the same annoying flaws as its predecessor but Dead Rising 2 is still the only game that lets you do mad stuff like strapping chainsaws to either end of a canoe paddle and ‘rowing’ your way through a horde of zombies. Bleedin’ good fun.

Formula 1 2010
UK Release: September 24
At last, the F1 license finds a happy home at Codemasters who’ve applied their experience in creating benchmark racing games to the most glamorous of all motorsports. An absolute must for petrolheads.

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  • noctis

    for me it’s Dead Rising 2 and Quantum Theory !!

  • James Steele

    What about test drive unlimited 2?

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    That’s not coming out ’til next year I’m afraid, James.

  • Jack

    Considering Spiderman Shattered dimensions, but really the only game coming this month that I want is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for PSP.

  • Conor w

    What about sims 3?Or is that out in october?

  • James Steele

    oops. I don’t know why I believe amazon release dates. There always wrong! That could be another article……Why shopping websites release dates are complete c***.

  • Sam

    I think these are good choices. But what month does Medal Of Honor Come out?

  • Ian Dransfield


  • Sean

    Dead Rising 2 is the only one that has my attention in that list.

  • wat free roam games should i get eg= just cause 2 gta rdr sort of games