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What PS3 games should you buy – October 2010

What PS3 games should you buy – October 2010

UK Release: October 1
Is it better than FIFA 10? We think so, but it’s a close call. Is it better than PES 2011? Yes, once again, it is.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow
UK Release: October 8
Aside from some annoying, tedious boss fights, this is an absolute must-have for fans of fantasy adventure. In the polish and presentation departments it’s very hard to fault.

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West
UK Release: October 8
Excellent cinematic presentation and art direction make this new twist on a classic tale a major step forward for the studio that brought us the slightly disappointing Heavenly Sword.

Medal Of Honor
UK Release: October 15
From what we’ve seen, the 360 version looks rough as old underpants, but there are no such troubles with the PS3 version. It still doesn’t soundly trump Modern Warfare at its own game, but it is a worthwhile and far less silly alternative.

DJ Hero 2
UK Release: October 22
While Neversoft has continually screwed around with the Guitar Hero formula to the point where it’s spoiled, FreeStyleGames has kept its head and simply produced a DJ Hero sequel with new mixes, bigger artists and DJs, improved multiplayer and a few sensible gameplay tweaks. Nothing more and nothing less than what you’d want from a sequel.

EA Sports MMA
UK Release: October 22
On balance, it’s probably about as good as UFC Undisputed 2010. What it lacks in big names, it makes up for with some neat gameplay ideas. Fighting obsessives will certainly be happy that there are now two quality MMA games for their collections.

Fallout: New Vegas
UK Release: October 22
It might lack the polish and engaging atmosphere of Fallout 3, but New Vegas is still a massive and compelling RPG with an ingeniously non-linear main quest and heaps of optional distractions besides.

UK Release: October 22
When it’s in the zone, Vanquish is about as good as action gaming can get. Much more than the ‘Gears Of War only faster’ many were expecting, it draws upon the best ideas from a wide range of influences and blends them into an eye-bleedingly intense whole. The best game of the month.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift
UK Release: October 29
It’s not been that long since the first Blazblue was released in Europe, but already a sequel is upon us. As you might expect, it’s not hugely different to Calamity Trigger but hardcore beat-‘em-up fans will still find lots of gameplay depth to explore.

Rock Band 3
UK Release: October 29
Aside from the addition of keyboards, there are no ‘bullet point’ type additions to Rock Band 3, but that’s a good thing. No faffing about with gimmicks, Harmonix has simply continued to improve and refine its ‘platform for music’ philosophy.

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  • sean

    fifa 11 was pre-ordered months ago. I did however find it difficult to choose between castlevania and enslaved. I have finally decided to go with ‘vainia, what swayed it was length of the campaign being 20+ hours to enslaves 8-10.

  • Chiba

    Naruto Ninja Storm 2, should be on there since it was delayed to october just an FYI.

  • Ike

    Important note for rockband 3, you will be able to hookup real instruments for PRO mode!

  • Tom Ato

    Fallout: NV is the obvious choice for me. Castlevania and Enslaved are in my “Wait and see” category.

    As for FIFA 11……I buy PES over FIFA every year and this year is no different. I like realisitic Football games, not simplistic arcade ones.

  • Talking Yak

    its my birthday in October, yay

  • Conor w

    what about sims 3 guys?

  • koppert79

    I may become highly impoverished this month. Do you think my wife would mind if I dont buy any food?

  • lDEFYl

    I’ll go with Vanquish..that demo was just too much fun

  • genuine

    NO MOVE GAMES ????

  • Jake

    Star Wars FU2 as well. Its an expensive month for gamers