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What PES 2012 needs to do to beat FIFA

What PES 2012 needs to do to beat FIFA

Today, something glorious happened. Cleaning out our cupboards during an inter-office move, we found this:

For those of you with no taste, this is Winning Eleven 2002 for the original PlayStation. You probably know it as PES, but whatever.

Anyway, seeing as we’ve got a Japanese PS3 we thought we’d check it out, for old times sake. We were prepared for the blocky graphics and insane commentary (which, in Japanese, is sensational). What we weren’t prepared for was the fact that it’s probably better than PES 2011.

Hyperbole? Us? With our reputations? Nonsense! The truth is that WE 2002 is still pretty bloody good. It doesn’t have any of that nonsensical passing thing that PES 2011 has, and it’s ridiculously fast.

Pub bores will often attempt to tell you that PES has always been a simulation, that It Is Football, yadayadayda. They’re wrong. PES has never been a simulation: in its heyday it was faster than Usain Bolt piloting the Millennium Falcon through light speed.

Yet, as Winning Eleven proves, it still felt like real football because of the different ways you could play it. Wanted to pick Brazil and terrorise the wings as Bobby Carlos, who runs three times faster than sound? Do it.

Fancy some decent build up play with Argentina, moving the ball around between Veron and co with all the fluidity you expect? You can.

Particular to a bit of middling footie simulation with robotic animations, dimwitted keepers and ridiculous energy bars above players heads? That’s PES 2011. Sorry.

Certainly, there are problems. The graphics are pretty bad (even if the animation is still largely beautiful), and players are quite slow to pass the ball. Worst of all however is the fact that Batistuta is still in it, meaning that as soon as the ball is on his right boot you’re dead – much like Adriano and his left foot in PES 6.

But this is still a faster, more intricate and downright more playable football game than PES 2011, and it came out in 2002.
To beat FIFA, Konami knows what to do. Just remake this but with better graphics and they’ll be laughing.

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