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What Is Wrong With Gamers?

What Is Wrong With Gamers?

Valve ‘fans’ on Metacritic

As I’m writing this, there’s a conversation occurring behind me about the fact that on the internet there are idiots, and that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be frustrated by these idiots. It’s a fact as sure as the sun will rise and the grass will grow that they will always be there – an unstoppable, unavoidable, and impenetrably thick mass of ignoramuses – and as much as we might shout and scream and tear our hair out there’s nothing we can do about them. We might as well get on with our lives and do our best to ignore them as we would a drunken weirdo on the bus.

But sometimes I can’t help but say something, or at least, shine a big, revealing light on the absolute absurdity of the internet ignoramus’s stupidity. Most of which, for whatever reason, if often targeted at Valve. Y’know, the company that changed the way narrative was approached in videogames; revolutionised the PC industry; released five utterly brilliant games for the price of one; has always placed its community first and foremost – yeah, that one. For some reason the internet idiots have a real problem with the way it does business.

Firstly there was the Left 4 Dead 2 fiasco. How dare Valve quickly release a sequel to a game that was loved by many? The nerve! Fans decided to boycott the game for no real, sane reason whatsoever. Perhaps they had got bored of complaining that Valve was taking too long on Episode 3 and decided to get up in arms about something taking too little time instead. Valve actually invited the boycott leaders to Valve HQ and quite frankly held a mirror up to their stupidity, showing that making videogames is bloody hard work and they shouldn’t be so ridiculous. The boycott leaders sensibly recanted, which of course led to the other boyctters suggesting they had, among other wildly absurd claims, been bought by Valve.

And now there’s this whole Metacritic situation, with Portal ‘fans’using the user review system to voice complaints over the PC version. Not that anyone gives one about the user reviews – I usually avoid them because they’re, y’know, user reviews. But still, to see another outporing of negativity towards Valve in such a manner is nothing short of ridiculous. The reason for all this spite appears to be the fact that the PC game is a console port, and that the online store is already filled with DLC, which seems to have surprised many PC users. Users have also expressed disappointment with the game’s short running time (it’s not that short) and the controversial ARG campaign (which no one forced them to play). It all smacks of this weird sense of entitlement that many gamers have – like Valve owes them something more than what they’re getting. Like if they’re not getting the best possible experience tailored exactly to their preferences they have to kick up a stink about it and berate one of the greatest developers going for not doing its job properly. They’re blind to the fact that what Valve has actually done is released yet another utterly brilliant game. But no. They want more, and they want it so bad they need to vent their poisonous air over the internet like spoiled children. It’s like a child throwing a tantrum because they only got 20 birthday presents instead of 21.

It’s stupid, is basically what I’m saying. I’m going to shut up about it now and go back to ignoring these blabbering fools who wouldn’t know a good game if it gave them a good swift kick up the arse.

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  • Conor

    This is the best article I’ve read, ever. I agree 100%