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What do you want to see from Resident Evil 6?

What do you want to see from Resident Evil 6?

Confession time: we like Resident Evil 5 around here. Yes, it wasn’t very good in single-player. Yes, those stupid cover sections were, well, stupid. And yes Chris looked like he should probably lay off the ‘roids for a while. Underneath it all however we enjoyed it for what it was, and the Mercenaries minigame that was unlocked after you beat the game was simply sublime.

Still, we know when it’s time to move on. RE5 was looking a bit archaic even back in 2009: there’s no way Capcom is going to release a potential sequel that will follow in its footstepts. So the question is: what do you want to see from RE 6 if the rumours are true and it ends up at TGS?

We’re unsure. There’s so much to love throughout the series that it’s difficult to put all of our favourite elements into one game without unbalancing the whole shebang.

We’d definitely like to see a return of RE 3’s Live Selection mechanic, which enables players to choose their path through the game. Randomised puzzles, also from Resident Evil 3, would make each playthrough slightly different.

A return to the old survival horror of the first and second games would also be worthwhile. With Dead Space showing RE 5 how action-horror should be done on the current generation of consoles, Capcom needs to ratchet up the scare factor while also enabling us to walk and shoot, if only to silence the fanboys who can’t handle not being able to do both at the same time.

Mercenaries has to return, and there has to be Trophies for it as well.

Apart from that, we’re easy as to how Capcom reinvents its series. But are you?

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  • Gordon Mclean

    Make the series scary again! You take control of one character who’s alone in a remote, dark location with little in the way of weaponry. There’s none of the ever-increasingly complicated and contradictory back story either: all we need are some idiot scientists who messed around Umbrella’s research and unleashed monsters.

  • Jake

    I loved Resident Evil 5, platinum’d it and then some. Yeah there are flaws but it was really enjoyable nonetheless.
    From RE6 I’d like to see the co-op taken further a bit. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because I got to play it with a friend at all times. The fact that someone had to be Sheva was disappointing, we’d have liked a co-op involving more well known RE characters.

  • stephen

    loved re5 , played it with my cousin , we cant wait for operation racoon city later this year, i hope re6 also has co op , and i hope capcom goes back to it routes and make it like re2

  • eelay

    i enjoyed resi 5 but it was a little dated with no real improvement on resi 4. i think a back to basics of the PS1 games would be a good way to go but keeping the story fresh. also keep sheva in as she is hot!

  • yuri


    That is all.

  • Mark

    No CO-OP Capcom

    Co-op ruined RE

    If people want co-op go play another game, don’;t ruin RE as we all used to know it for others

  • tony

    Shortly said, I wonna see this ressurected http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWpEE_5pDzQ
    Some minor changes and U have a perfect survival horror game.

  • jambo123

    they should definantly make it scary again
    they make it dark again
    with creepy musik
    and i shouldnt be able to play it alone at midnight

  • i want to kill white people now!
    i did it in RE5 so I want to kill whites!

    jokes aside…but seriously I just want a reboot end off!

  • Mediumguy

    Resident Evil 2 had Leon. Resident Evil 4 had Leon. Resident Evil 6 SHOULD HAVE LEON.

  • DO’G

    TBH since 3 i haven’t really liked the series. it’s turned from a very very very good survival horror game to an above average third person shooter. I want capcom to bring back the old RE. TBH RE5 doesn’t come close to dead space in terms of survival horror. remember just my opinion.