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What a game developer should look like


These two men are both game developers. On the left, Patrick Gilmore, of EA Los Angeles. On the right Jakub Styliński, of CD Projekt. I’ve seen each of them give presentations of their respective games, and both did a very good job, but I trust one of them more than the other, and there’s just one reason for that – only one of them looks like a proper game developer.

Patrick Gilmore was a very charismatic guy, gave a good presentation and a great interview and his game, Medal Of Honor Airborne, turned out to be pretty much everything he promised it would be. But he doesn’t look like a game developer. He doesn’t look like he’s slept under his desk in his whole life.

Jakub, by contrast, may have been a little less charismatic, but he still gave a very well structured, informative and interesting presentation of The Witcher, and responded fully and clearly to questions. But somehow I can believe in Jakub that little bit more than Patrick. Jakub didn’t look like he’d seen daylight for a year or more. He looked like he lived and breathed his game and would go to any lengths to make it an accomplishment he could be proud of. Not that he would ever express pride, or any other emotions for that matter. He’s far too into maths and computers and really morbid literature for any of that. Like a proper game developer.

Not that I’m trying to cast any kind of judgements at either of these two guys at a professional, or any other, level. As I said, both seemed to me to be doing an excellent job. I’m just casually stereotyping for a bit of a laugh, that’s all.

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