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We’re sorry we forgot about you, Crash

We’re sorry we forgot about you, Crash

Naughty Dog, creators of a series where the protagonist navigates harsh terrain, takes down dozens of enemies and has to make insane leaps of faith just to survive. Oh, and it has Nolan North all over it. Just like Uncharted, really.


Though actually North wasn’t part of the series until later on, and none of the Crash games he featured in, as N. Gin, were made by Naughty Dog. But the point stands, as it was verging on being reasonably clever or funny. Anyway.

Crash Bandicoot was meant to be the PlayStation’s answer to Mario and Sonic. He was going to be our mascot, and his games were going to go down in legend as the best platformers on PSone.

It’s safe to say none of this happened. The insane marsupial was a feature of many promotional materials for PlayStation for years, but soon enough – after it had become clear he wasn’t quite a mascot – he abandoned Sony exclusivity in favour of whoring himself out to any and all. For a while it looked quite promising, but the fact of the matter is the games were never truly good enough to warrant going down in legendary status.

That’s not to say they weren’t good, as the Crash Bandicoot series – before it went to shit in spin-off ville – became consistently better as it went on. All three games are available on the US PSN, and I think just two of them are up on the EU store – either way, for a few quid/euro/dollars you should probably think about picking them up and giving Crash a run-around. Just for old time’s sake.

There you go, now Crash’s 14th anniversary has passed without much note – but the bit immediately after the anniversary has had some fanfare. Half-baked as it may be.

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  • Garan

    Crash Bandicoot 1,3 and Crash Team Racing are on the EU Store,2 is nowhere to be found.I think it stopped being PS exclusive when Sierra bought,obtained,were given,stole the rights to it.Crash is just a victim of the corporate world.

  • Nathan Six

    Crash Bandicoot is the best platforming game out there, much better than any 360 trash. GT 5 pawns forza 3 and sales prove that. 360 fanboys are the scum of the earth, look how they cried when David Jaffe said he prefers working on PS3.

    PS3 has better graphics, better exclusives, better online, better controller, better everything. Get real, get PS3.

  • sargent sarcasm

    @ Nathan Six:
    You think 360 fanboys are “the scum of the earth” for preferring the 360 over the PS3? That’s interesting, because I think it’s people who choose to complain about others having a different console preference that better fit that definition. Grow up, manchild.

    Please, Naughty Dog, buy back the rights to Crash and give us the game we’ve always wanted! I want another Crash game for the Playstation 3!