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Warner Bros Buys Arkham Asylum Devs


Warner Bros Home Entertainment has decided to buy a majority stake holding in Rocksteady, the London based developer of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The development team there is already working on a sequel to last year’s critically and commercially successful Dark Knight adventure, which is to be published by Warner. The company, better known for its movie and TV production, has been expanding rapidly in the games market.

“Rocksteady demonstrated its professionalism and extraordinary development abilities with Batman: Arkham Asylum,” Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group said in a press release. “This arrangement is a great strategic fit and we are very pleased to solidify our relationship with this talented development team.”

The Rocksteady team seem equally pleased with the deal. “We are proud to strengthen our association with WBIE, a world class publisher that we have enjoyed working with since we began developing Batman: Arkham Asylum,” said Jamie Walker, Rocksteady’s studio director. “The Rocksteady team is very much looking forward to creating more great games based on widely recognized Warner Bros. brands like Batman,” added Sefton Hill, games director at the studio.

“We are delighted to be deepening our relationship with London-based Rocksteady Studios, one of the UK’s most respected games developers and 2009 recipient of the VGA’s coveted ‘studio of the year’ award,” said Josh Berger, president and managing director, Warner Bros. UK. “Rocksteady clearly has the talent, expertise and technology to make great games and we are fortunate to continue working closely with them as we further expand our games portfolio.”

So lots of comment from lots of people who are all very happy. Warner taking interest in a studio that has proven it can handle the Batman license is not great shock given that WB also owns DC Comics, Batman’s original home. Hopefully this won’t mean Rocksteady is forever tied to Batman though. We’d love to see what else it could come up with.

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  • Joe

    I think this is the biggest dissapointment, because WB arn’t rlly game experts so they are gonna wreck a great game and trust me that has happened before