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Want More PSN Friends? Play NFS: Hot Pursuit

Want More PSN Friends? Play NFS: Hot Pursuit

Feel your PSN friends list is rather lacking? Not sure what the PSN IDs of your nearest and dearest actually are? Fed up with not being able to search the lists of your other friends to see who they have on their list that you might know? Well EA of all people has the solution for you.

It’s rather strange to me that it should be a third party that would finally bring a solution to the table for one of my greatest annoyances when it comes to PSN. I love that it’s free, I love the content available and I love the instant access, but I want to be able to find my friends much more simply than is currently possible. Perhaps I’m just lazy, but asking for, noting down and then typing out someone’s PSN ID seems like a lot more effort than clicking on a button that says add.

And along comes Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit to my rescue. The Autolog Recommends section gives you the IDs of people on your friend’s lists that it thinks you might know and might want to race against. It will even pair you up with total strangers so you can play some one-on-one challenges. And Hot Pursuit is a game that needs friends.

I’m not much of an online multiplayer guy. I find the communities to be largely obnoxious and ultimately the lowest level of entry is often too high for me to really stand much of a chance. I do like playing with friends or at least trying to take on times or scores they’ve set and that’s what Autolog is all about. You’ve hopefully read plenty about it already so I won’t go into the details, but it’s an excellent and ingeniously simple idea that brings to mind great arcade gaming of chasing after your friend’s leaderboard score.

Ultimately, I hope this gives Sony a kick up the backside and wakes it up to the idea that making it simpler to find friends online via PSN might be a good idea. In the mean time I would highly recommend picking up the latest Need For Speed. Quite apart from all the friend stuff, it’s a bloody good game.

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