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Vita Isn’t Here Yet, PSP Isn’t Dead Yet Either

Vita Isn’t Here Yet, PSP Isn’t Dead Yet Either

PS Vita may be about to kick in the doors at the PSP’s rest home and unleash death-giving fury on the poor old euthanasia-craving handheld, but we have other plans for the decrepit old hunk of terminal plastic and metal: cheap games.

See, Square Enix has been releasing what we would happily call ‘good games’ on PSP over the last couple of years. Even though the console is literally older than a four-year-old child (and twice as intelligent), it hasn’t stopped Squenix from bringing Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy IV, The 3rd Birthday and some other stuff (mainly Final Fantasy, natch) to the Grim Reaper-taunting device.

So it is, as with many aspects of this job, we have to recommend to you that you buy something. We give Square Enix – and in part Sony – some free marketing and tell you that these great games released by the Japanese publisher are soon (“tomorrow”) to be dirt cheap – less than £10, likely more like £8 if you shop around – and so worth picking up even if you hate all games and don’t have a PSP.

Alright, that might be pushing it a bit far, but with the upcoming Cheap-o 9000 version of PSP about to hit, second hand units costing about thruppence and these games being fantastic ways to kill time while travelling – which a lot of you will be doing over the holiday period – it would be remiss of us not to point out they’re available, cheap and great.

Then you’ll probably be able to transfer them to your Vita (for a price) when the PSP finally does get injected with a cocktail of “sleeping” drugs/goes to live at the farm/gets flushed down the toilet to live with all your goldfish.

Check it.

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