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Vita Game Downloads Priced, Play Is Happy

Vita Game Downloads Priced, Play Is Happy

Today Sony announced prices for a selection of Vita titles that will be available to download from the PlayStation store. Strangely, it seems to have gotten the this right, with a bevy of games priced very nicely indeed.

The pick of the bunch is Motorstorm RC, which weighs in at wallet-friendly £4.79. £4.79! That’s roughly the same price as a Big Mac meal, and you’re less likely to feel terrible afterwards.

In a world where you can buy quality games for you smartphone for next to nothing, this is a good move by Sony. Granted, monster titles like Uncharted are nowhere to be seen here, and expecting Sony to charge anything like Motorstorm’s price for it is madness. However, that the pricing model is in any way flexible is truly a good sign.

Which is all well and good for now, but what about when the third-parties start piling in?

Are publisher’s going to want to bite the bullet and lower their online prices to get players on board? If so, how low will they go? What will their price ranges be? Sony wants to make its system and one of its key methods for delivering games viable: will its lead force other publishers down the same road?

We hope so. We’re fine with top quality games costing more (even if £40 is a bit much we feel, for any game) but there’ll be a load of stuff coming out for Vita that won’t be worth anywhere near half that. As long as publishers recognise this as well we’ll be fine. Okay?

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