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Video Delivery Service launches on PSN

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Today sees the launch of Sony’s Video Delivery Service, meaning PS3 owners can now rent or buy around 2,000 movies in both HD and SD, download them direct to watch on their console or transfer them to watch on the go via PSP.

Movies are available from the majority of major studios – including 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Disney – and some localised companies in each of the launch countries of the UK, Spain, Germany and France, such as Optimum (UK) and Wild Side Video (France). The selection of films is just as you would expect, with big releases from each company – Angels and Demons, The Dark Knight, Star Trek and the like.

Prices for purchases start at £6.99 and go up, whereas rentals begin at £1.99. Purchases are, shockingly enough, yours to keep, whereas rentals stay on your console for 14 days, though if you start watching them you are left with 48 hours.

Sony are offering a deal for existing PSN customers – buy Angels and Demons and receive a voucher for The Da Vinci Code for free. New customers, on the other hand, will be sent a voucher for Transformers to download and keep. We know who gets the better deal there – Michael Bay’s movie may be idiotic tosh, but at least it’s not idiotic tosh that people actually think has any literary worth. Ahem.

The launch was celebrated last night at a swanky Soho event, in which I felt completely out of place. But hey, there was free beer.

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