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Valkyria Chronicles to get Trophy support?


We love a bit of Valkyria Chronicles around these parts, but some people are still holding out on a purchase. Why? They’re waiting for Trophies. While a lot of us had long given up on the chance that Trophies would be included in the masterpiece of an SRPG, instead deciding to enjoy the game simply for being brilliant, it turns out there is still a chance. A chance we will be able to hear that little twinkle noise and see we have been awarded a small (nonexistent) bit of bronze, silver, gold or even platinum.

Yes, Trophies might still be coming to Valkyria Chronicles, nearly a year after its release. Posting on the PlayStation Blog (check the comments), Aaron Webber, Assistant Community Manager of Sega of America, said:

“If you do want to see Trophies (and I know that’s a lot of you here), then please do keep an eye out. I’d like to organise all of your feedback together so I can show some people here at Sega just how many fans out there want them. Numbers speak loudest!

“The more Valkyria (and DLC) sells, the easier it is for me to push that Trophies are a much-needed addition to the game. At the same time, I personally think it can also be said that Trophies themselves can boost game sales single-handedly.”

Okay so it’s not iron-cast confirmation, but it gives us hope we’ll be able to quench our thirst for those shiny little fake Trophies of glory soon enough. Any excuse to replay Valkyria Chronicles, really.

(Also, this story gave us an excuse to post Gav’s favourite image.)

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  • Ryan Miller

    I’ve been ready to hey this games for over a month, but learning it still doesn’t have trophies is my only reason for waiting. I’ve bought and returned several games simply because they lack the trophy feature.

  • Chris

    I own this game but I haven’t finished it yet because I’m still waiting for trophy patch. I”m not playing it until I get trophy support.

  • Rui

    Why have you guys not buy or played or finished it yet? THe game was just simply amazing, there comes a time when trophy support will not get in my way of playing an amazing game. This was my first game for the ps3 because I only bought it 2 years ago. Great story and immersed in it and just plain using wits to get through the game. Hoping for a trophy support myself but at least I got to play it after seeing the trailer….