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UPDATE – Call Of Duty: Black Ops set in the Nineties?

UPDATE – Call Of Duty: Black Ops set in the Nineties?


This article is an update to Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops set in the Nineties? so you might want to read that first.

Well, my contact at Activision never got back to me, but fortunately I had the opportunity to meet Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia and community manager Josh Olin this week and get some answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

First of all, the mission WMD is not set in the Nineties, it’s set in the same year as Slaughterhouse (the Hue City mission), 1968. It features weapons that didn’t go into production until the late seventies and the explanation for that is they’re prototypes that only ultra elite operatives have access to. The Russians have some of them too though, but never mind – Black Ops isn’t exactly professing to be the most historically accurate game of all time.

The Treyarch guys also talked a little about the context of WMD, although were very careful not to give away too many story details. Your character is working for the CIA and has caught wind of a Russian general based at a remote facility where very bad things are happening. I think it’s safe to say those bad things are nukes, given the name of the mission. Lamia and Olin also talked at length about the various inspirations behind the game, saying that the team had done thorough research about a wide range of incidents spanning the entire duration off The Cold War. It seems to me then that the facility in WMD isn’t Mount Yamantau as such, but is almost certainly inspired by it. I wanted to ask specifically about that but they talked at such length that between the five of us in the group interview we managed, I think, just three questions between us. They were enthusiastic, I’ll give ‘em that.

One last point, Mark Lamia mentioned a couple of times that Black Ops’ narrative would span a “large window of time” so it still seems entirely possible that this window might encompass the Nineties. WMD though, does not.

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  • Haydn Plumb

    The graphics are looking pretty good already, I have already witnessed the reveal trailer, to which extent it looks amazing. I think Call Of Duty is due a game that is different to world war 2 or Modern Warfare as they pull most risks off. I am looking forward to the new trailer and hope we get more info about the game itself and multiplayer aspect. Keep up the good work at play as i am really enjoying your coverage.

  • Sam Vernon

    This has the potential to be one of 2010’s last minute devastators! The only thing thats keeping me going waiting for this game is the thought of it having a sequel to one of the best game modes in history… Nazi zombies. as we all know its made by treyarch, so they have to have somthing up their sleeve for another game mode along side a gripping solo campaign. i hope its set in the nineties, because if it is, we might see classic characters from the likes of a young Captain price from the Modern warfare franchise (we’ll never know). So yes i hope it is set in the ninties. Keep up the good work PLAY. I think your Magazines are awesome too. *lots of smiles*