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Underworld: Victim of acts of God

Underworld: Victim of acts of God


Having left Crystal Dynamics where he was creative director, Eric Lindstrom has been very open about what went wrong and what he felt went right with the development of Lara Croft’s last adventure. It wasn’t that long ago that Lindstrom revealed that much of the DLC for the game was actually content that had to be cut because Crystal Dynamics ran out of time to make the game and couldn’t afford to finish things off.

In a recent post-mortem of the game, Lindstrom has gone into more detail about the torrid circumstances surrounding Tomb Raider: Underworld, including weddings, honeymoons, pregnancies and the tragic death of the game’s lead designer. “We lost our art director midway through production; not to another company, but to another industry, so there wasn’t much we could have done about that,” Lindstrom began. “We lost our lead designer toward the end of production when she had a baby; also something we couldn’t have done much about (nor would we have wanted to, as the baby is beautiful!). And most tragically, our lead level designer died suddenly during the first half of production.”

Despite all of this and the fact that Lindstrom lost his job as Crystal Dynamics attempted to streamline the studio, he remains proud of what was achieved. “It’s very gratifying that some reviews have hailed Tomb Raider: Underworld as the best Tomb Raider game since the first one, and the fan response has been phenomenal,” he concluded.

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