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Uncharted pinball coming to PSP

Uncharted pinball coming to PSP


The ESRB – that’s the American games ratings board, like their equivalent of PEGI – has listings on its website for four pinball games on the PSP themed around various Sony games, namely Uncharted, PAIN, Hot Shots Golf (that’s Everybody’s Golf to us Europeans) and High Velocity Bowling.

All of the Pinball Heroes titles are rated suitable for Everyone, with PAIN carrying a warning for ‘Comic Mischief’. They also all carry a synopsis of their content. Uncharted’s summary reads,

“This is a pinball game designed around the artwork and themes of the video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Players use flippers to hit the ball around a crashed airplane, into silhouetted character targets, and off bumpers shaped like gold coins to score points.”

Yup, that’s a themed pinball table alright. The site doesn’t specify price or whether they’ll be classed as Minis or full games, but it seems safe to assume they’re Minis.

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