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Uncharted Movie: Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake?

Uncharted Movie: Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake?

The Uncharted movie has been ruffling feathers since it was announced. First, Three Kings director David O. Russell was attached to direct, with Mark Wahlberg to star. That plan has since (thankfully) been discarded, and now it’s being directed by Neil Burger.

Come on people, you know, he directed Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. Which was, um, OK?

Still, according to an interview with craveonline, Burger’s played the games and wants to make his version of Uncharted a more contemporary treasure-hunting movie than the Indiana Jones’s of this world (which he loves, of course). No word yet on the lead actor, but given that they’ve worked together before who would bet against Cooper taking the role?

Nobody, that’s who. We’re still sceptical – the best videogame movie of all time is the Jason Statham-starring Crank, and that’s not even based on a videogame – but this seems like a step in the right direction.

Sad for Nathan Fillion though. The Firefly actor seems the perfect fit for the role. As ever, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Paul

    I think Fillion is maybe too old to play Drake. I think someone a bit younger would be better for Drake. The character Josh Hartnet played in Lucky Number Slevin really reminded me of Drake so maybe he could be an interesting choice.

    The most important thing about this movie is getting the story accurate to the games with the characters & atmosphere. No mafia family nonsense like O’Russell had planned!

  • eelay

    i agree with PAUL fillion is to old. i havn’t seen limitless but i did see the A-TEAM and COOPER was good in that, he has the right build and an arrogant and cocky manner about him, just like drake! but yes they have to get the story right and so far nothing i’ve heard has filled me with confidence. making a film of a game should be easy but its proving difficult and there are only a few good films out there based on games.

  • Haden Hunter

    Bradley Cooper should ABSOLUTELY play Nathan Drake, although Nathan Fillion does look the part, he just isn’t that great of an actor, and usually plays serious roles, While Cooper still has the looks and fits the personality.