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Uncharted 3 – Aiming Problems?

Uncharted 3 – Aiming Problems?

By now, most of you will be getting stuck into Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. You might be enjoying the bit where [SPOILER] right after [SPOILER], probably swearing at [SPOILER] and almost certainly shocked at the bit where Marlowe turns into a dragon and eats Sully’s children he’d only just learnt about. Oh sorry, that was a [SPOILER] too. Forget we said anything.

Even so, something about Uncharted 3 felt slightly off for me.

Having had an email conversation with a colleague here at Imagine HQ about Uncharted 3, we were quietly swapping opinions that while we love the game, something didn’t quite click. “I really like it but I almost wish it was just an exploration/mystery game without the shooting,” I said at one point. But given the glowing praise for Uncharted 3, and given how being shouted down is the worst way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, we swapped some emails and that was that. The most boring, unexciting secret email exchange ever before conversation shifted back onto Youtube videos of Japanese jetpacks made out of water bottles and Fox News reporting on trolls (here and here, if you care).

Now, suddenly, the shooting has become something of a thorny issue for Uncharted 3 players.

MrSketcz alerted us to this thread over Twitter, which has crude diagrams explaining the problems with the shooting in Uncharted 3:


Reading through the thread, the common theme is that while almost everyone agrees that the shooting in Uncharted 2 is better and even the shooting in Uncharted 3’s multiplayer feels smoother, no-one can quite agree on what’s wrong with the shooting in Uncharted 3’s single player.

Too sluggish.

Too much auto-aim.

Inconsistent reticle speed.

Deadzone is too big.

Input lag.

There’s an element of clutching at straws trying to figure out what’s changed with the shooting but the issue has grown big enough that Naughty Dog even addressed it with an official response:


Even so, there are still YouTube videos popping up showing the problems. The tests may be crude yet the problems are still being highlighted.

What’s your take on this? Do the guns feel stiffer, is the aiming more sluggish? Or is this a minor problem overblown by the sensationalist nature of the internet? The game itself is still brilliant, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people are genuinely bothered by this problem to the point where it’s affecting their enjoyment.

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  • The_Deleted

    What fecking auto aim? I would love for some auto-aim. Shooting is a chore in this game, an auto, snap-to option would give the game the pace it needs to keep it exciting. I’m finding the game a bit of a chore at the moment. Certainly not up there with U2 levels of tense excitement.

  • shaun

    I agree with THE_DELETED shooting does feel like a chore i prefer hand-to-hand combat as apposed to gun play something has gone very wrong since U2.

    But most of all the biggest let down of U3 is the fact that there is no unlock store in single player. WHY O WHY has naughty dog left it out? its what fueled my 4 play through’s of U2 and 3 play through’s of U1.
    That along with the dodgy aiming controls has ruined the game play and fun of the game its still a good game but its not great and not an improvement on the second outing.

  • eraser


    derp gamer is derp

    this game should have a auto play button. Just press it and it would play by it self… so it wouldn’t be a chore and it definitely would be all “exiting” and easy for every derp out there.

  • Mash

    It’s ruined the experience for me and I loved the first two games (all except for the grenade throwing boss battle at the end of uncharted 2). Oh well, we’ll always have Tibet.

  • Bramble

    I found it so bad I bought a 360 wired controller and the special adaptor for ps3 as I don’t ever have aiming issues on Xbox but often struggle on ps3. Unfortunately the problem is just as bad, I literally can’t hit anything. Its so frustrating as I end up melee fighting like batman arkham city! I have actually abandoned playing the game until it’s patched as it was ruining it for me. I also agree
    with one of the above posts; a snap to aim like red dead redemption would make the game perfect.

  • Suliman

    I really like the Uncharted series and hope to see the PC versions of it. The graphic detail is awesome in this series and anyone can enjoy the game.

  • payu nason

    I counted how many second it takes to make a complete circle while aiming. In uncharted 3, If I remember right, at the fasterest setting it’s 4.5 seconds up to 6.5, for a test I did a while ago.

  • Uncharted fanboy

    Why is it that the competitive multiplayer and campaign have such bad aiming lag, but the co-op is fine?

    Thanks a lot naughty, thank you for ruing such an awesome game. I dont play it as much as I played uncharted 2. 🙁

  • adham

    I love uncharted 3 very much but it is very short,Right?