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Uncharted 3 – A True Beta Test

Uncharted 3 – A True Beta Test

With crashing issues and matchmaking delays there are a lot of loud and sometimes obnoxious voices out there at the moment slamming Uncharted 3’s multiplayer additions. We even posted up a video yesterday (which we thought was amusing) that got us criticised for attacking Naughty Dog. Tensions it seems are high, but what everyone should be remembering is that this is a beta test.

Beta testing has become so common that I fear some people have either forgotten or were never aware of what they are intended to do. They are not game demos. They are not here to sell the game to you by impressing you with the best a new title has to offer. They may sometimes come close to being those things, but they’re not supposed to be. Beta tests are for testing. They’re used by developers who have made massive changes to online functionality and need to test it in the real world, not on a closed server, to find every last bug and tweak every imbalance.

Uncharted 3’s multiplayer based on our experience of it so far is clearly in need of a great deal of optimisation and bug fixing, but the game’s not out for another four months. That’s a lot of time to be working on a project and the amount of data and constructive feedback Naughty Dog will be getting from this test over the coming days and weeks will probably be more than the development team could achieve on its own between now and November.

So, if you’re playing the Uncharted beta think of yourself as a pioneer. You should be looking for bugs. you should be trying to break the game. That’s what Naughty Dog needs you to do. Be critical of new features. Be critical of maps, but don’t imagine for a moment that this is a finished product. And just as a side note, this is what previewing games and QA testing is all about. When you work on this side of the games industry you spend a large amount of time playing broken games that slowly get better and better. In other words, welcome to our world.

Now, get back in there and help make Uncharted 3 a better game.

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