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Uncharted 2 review code this week…

That’s right, Sony tells us that review code will be here, in the Play offices this Wednesday. We’re all pretty excited by this news, as you can imagine. And to celebrate, we’ll be hosting a live blog where we’ll be playing, posting, playing, posting, playing, posting… you get the idea. So if you want to get an idea of what the first bit’s like (don’t worry, we won’t put any spoilers in) then check back on Wednesday at about 11am.

See you then!

UPDATE – We’ve since learned that the code will be here tomorrow, so make sure you’re here at 11am Tuesday instead. It’s gonna be good…

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  • supermarioex

    why don’t you do a actual live blog on blogtv?

    then again your not as cool as me.

  • mitchy18boii

    you fool