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Uncharted 2 out today!


Like we even need to remind you. But if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Naughty Dog’s INCREDIBLE Uncharted 2 is available to buy, in shops, today. We love this game and even, once, while making a cup of tea, described it as ‘the greatest single-player game ever made’. And it might well be. Oh, the multiplayer’s not bad either.

Hit this link to read the Play review and if you need a second opinion this link to read NowGamer’s review. Also, here’s the trailer. And, finally, if you want to hear – literally – what we think download the latest Play podcast where we go all Uncharted 2 crazy.

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  • AZZA91

    The game came this morning through my letter box. The game is amazing, just a shame i have the flu and I have to take breaks every 20 minutes. The train level almost made me hurl. lol.

  • Dave Moore

    i’ve played it for nearly 3 hours this afternoon.i booked a day off work to pick it and brutal legend up and have had to drag myself away from my ps3.
    why couldn’t my girlfriend be working late tonight???????