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Uncharted 2 has been played for longer than I’ve been alive


Since the public release of the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo on 29 September players have notched up some pretty spectacular numbers. Especially for a game many would consider to have its focus solely on the single-player aspect.

Writing on the US PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells revealed these play statistics for Uncharted 2:

  • Total number of games played – 1,217,424
  • Total number of kills – 92,110,787
  • Total number of treasures captured – 1,860,645
  • Total amount of money earned – $38,841,367,350
  • Total time played – 9,905 days (or 27+ years!)

That means gamers have clocked up a frankly ridiculous amount of time on a part of the game many had dismissed as a pointless addition. We’re impressed, as is Wells, and the Uncharted 2 demo is on its way to becoming the most downloaded demo in PSN history.

You can also factor in the massive reviews the game has been getting across the board, including from Play and Nowgamer, and add it all to the pile of hype that’s been accumulating for so very long now. If you like.

Read the rest of Wells’ post here.

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