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Batman Devs Working On Hitman?

Batman Devs Working On Hitman?


Voice Actor and motion capture action hero Mark Sloan has expressed his belief that Rocksteady, makers of the soon to be released Batman: Arkham Asylum, have been commissioned to help bring us the next Hitman game. Listing his recent work on his website Sloan lists Rocksteady as responsible for some motion capture work he did on “Hitman 5”. This has naturally enough lead to some speculation that Rocksteady could at least be lending a hand to IO in the development of Agent 47’s long awaited return, if not developing the whole game itself.

You may be aware that IO has recently finished up work on new kid orientated action game Mini Ninjas and has already committed itself to the development of Kane & Lynch 2. Could this have left Hitman 5 looking for a developer? Well, Eidos must be pretty happy with Rocksteady given all the buzz surrounding Arkham Asylum so it’s possible the London based developer has been drafted in to refresh the franchise. On the other hand Sloan using Rocksteady’s motion capture facilities could just have been a matter of convenience, saving him a journey to Denmark.

We’ll keep a close eye on proceedings and let you know if anything turns up.

Via Kotaku

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