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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Week 1 Impressions

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Week 1 Impressions

As you may or may not know, I’ve been training hard in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, in preparation for Capcom X Namco Fight Club. I’ll be up against a ‘rival publisher’ (ahem) and I’m already super confident at Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Which leaves Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It’s taken 15 hours of play but I’ve finally found my team – Hawkeye/Rocket Raccoon/Vergil. But how is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 shaping up in its first week online?

The level of play is pretty high. Unlike Marvel vs Capcom 3, where everyone was in the same boat learning the game and finding their characters,Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 now has veterans prowling the online servers. High-level play is built around ‘touch of death’ combos, where one combo can kill a character outright, and they’re becoming more common online with hours spent in training mode carrying over to this.

X-Factor is still ridiculous. No, not the show. Well, okay, that too but rather, the special mode you activate which increases your speed and powers up your attacks. It’s been toned down but not nearly enough, as activating X-Factor with your last character still gives out far too much reward for too little effort. When the final character on both teams pop X-Factor, it’s faintly ridiculous having two glowing red shapes ping-ponging around the screen at ridiculous speed.

Dante/Wesker/Taskmaster/Vergil/Wolverine. The average team you run into online will almost always have one of those characters and most will have two. While nerfing Sentinel in Marvel vs Capcom 3 has seen his usage drop, Vergil has seemingly taken his place.

Wesker/Dante/Zero now top tier? Wesker was supposedly toned down but still retains everything that made him powerful AND now gets a boost in attacking power, when he takes his sunglasses off for his Phantom Dance super. Dante still has millions of moves so the ones that were nerfed doesn’t impact too much on his gameplay while Zero lost his insane MvC3 combos but has plenty of new ones in Ultimate MvC3 that do ridiculous damage. Phoenix now struggles to build the meter she needs for her Dark Phoenix form, so she’s no longer the dominant character.

Hsien-Ko/Viewtiful Joe/Tron/She-Hulk/Storm/Jill. Nowhere to be seen. Tron was a big part of Marvel vs Capcom 3 thanks to his invincible assist but now the invincibility has been removed, she’s been dropped by most players. Same for She-Hulk, whose slide has gone from dominant to geriatric. The other characters were never really popular and that doesn’t seem to have changed now.

Phoenix Wright is awful. He’s the most complicated characters in the entire cast, thanks to his three different modes. In Investigation mode, you have to find three bits of ‘good’ evidence. Any bad evidence you pick up has to be thrown away. Then, when you have three bits of ‘good’ evidence, you have to go into Courtroom mode and land an objection. Then you enter Turnabout mode, where you become insanely powered up and even gain an invincible assist if you tag Phoenix Wright out of the match. Yet it’s so much effort to get him to that stage, and he’s so helpless in the meantime, it’s hard to think of Capcom’s lawyer as anything other than awful at this stage.

People still pick Hulk and mash Heavy. I don’t know why Capcom bothered to give him a new move, really.

It has ‘wanker’ in it.

I’m losing. Badly. But that’s because Phoenix has been nerfed so I no longer have the option of building five meters, watching Phoenix blow up into Dark Phoenix, then rolling my face across the stick and buttons for an easy herpy-derp-derp win. I actually have to do things like ‘combos’ now and even occassional do this secret move called ‘blocking’. Sigh.

But yes. Anyway. What are your thoughts on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? Do you want to help Play with our secret training regime? Imagine it like the training montage in Rocky IV but fatter.

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  • RandomGuy

    Gigantic sadface with phoenix nerf. I actually have to do some work and don’t get hit. I think Dormammu/Doom/Phoenix might be pretty good phoenix team. Since Dorm keeps you out with doom while building levels but still have to see how it works especially againt my training partner who has teleport/rushdown characters. But just my 2 cents. Dark Wesker for the win….even more easy mode than phoenix you can use your lvls. 😀