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Ubisoft Announces Pure Football

Ubisoft Announces Pure Football


Ubisoft is entering the world of competitive sport with Pure Football, an international five a side football game coming out in time for the World Cup. The game is attempting to harness some of the raw energy of real football, but through a hyper-realistic lense. That means it looks a little like FIFA Street, but will hopefully have some deeper gameplay.

17 teams will be available in the game featuring some 230 professional footballers, plus 17 footballing legends. One key feature is an over-the-shoulder viewpoint for the game that will hopefully encourage multiplayer gaming. Pure Football will have online and offline multiplayer allowing four players at a time offline and one on one matches online. You will also be able to create your own footballer to play through the game with.

Ubisoft has Pure Football marked down for a May release and we’ll hopefully be able to tell you more soon.

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  • MarkeyMan90

    Finally, another footy game to rival Fifa and PES!