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Two Worlds 2, or: ‘rogue marketing 101’

Two Worlds 2, or: ‘rogue marketing 101’

It seems the new way to whip up interest in your upcoming game isn’t just to plaster advertising everywhere, as I once thought it was. It would appear that’s actually part of a bigger picture – one involving a lot more elements I never would have even considered. Two Worlds 2 really has been the subject of some ‘thinking outside the box’ marketing.

The first step in this master plan is to have a ship carrying components for your game go down during transit. Yes, you will lose thousands of pounds worth of product, but you will also get a news story circulating all gaming sites that offers something far more interesting than “Michael Pachter said some inane shit again”.

Step two, give some folks the German version of the game to review. When they post the reviews, raise issues with scoring systems and the public’s perception of what ‘average’ is. Let all this continue to the point where you are being accused of threatening to blacklist sites and refusing them press assets for your games unless they agree to up the score of your game to a 7 or higher.

Step three, tell the world you don’t actually know if your game is even coming out in the UK anyway, thus confounding all of those still eagerly awaiting the release and making those who didn’t care anyway snigger a bit.

Step four, do the pull-back-and-reveal and say ‘ahhh, but we are releasing it – we’re just avoiding shops’. See the delight on the faces of your existing fans, and watch as those who didn’t initially care probably still don’t care but have at least been made more aware of your game.

It has to be stressed that no blacklisting has been proven, nor has any restriction of access to assets. While there has been an admission of disagreements over the game’s score, this in no way equates to TopWare or any of its representatives demanding a score be raised. Ah, legally covering one’s backside.

But what has all of this resulted in? The combination of a shipwreck, reviews of a foreign version, complaints about scoring, allegations of threats, confusion over an actual UK release and finally word of a distribution method that avoids bricks and mortar has lead to… lots of people talking about Two Worlds 2. Seriously. It’s everywhere. Including here.

That’s some clever, rogue marketing right there.

[via Beefjack, Beefjack again and Destructoid]

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  • KeeperOfTheWord

    I hear for their next big release, they intend to BLOW UP THE SUN!

  • Hutton121

    So the game is actually being released here then? is it still the 25th Feb?

    Is it fair to assume the game play will be as appealing as a woman who’s been bobbing for apples in a chip pan?

  • Hutton121

    Why was my comment removed ??????

  • Ryan King

    It wasn’t removed, there’s just some weird archaic approval process powering the comments section. I’d tell you how it works if I understood it myself.

    And it’s being released exclusively (!?) via Amazon.co.uk, with a release date of March 1st. The game itself is -alright- but not nearly as unintentionally funny as the original Two Worlds, so I’m out.

  • What are you talking about Ryan? Recommending a 360 exclusive like that! You must just some fake commenter!


  • Ryan King

    Haha, when I meant exclusive, I meant Amazon.co.uk is the only place releasing it! So it’s the weirdest exclusive… I don’t even know how to finish that sentence. It’s just WEIRD.