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Twisted Metal’s live-action cut scenes have us excited

Twisted Metal’s live-action cut scenes have us excited


The new Twisted Metal game, approaching PS3 at speeds we would call ‘not fast enough’ is to feature live-action cut scenes. Believe us when we say: this is A Very Good Thing. Granted, the 90s were littered with poor little game developers playing out their favourite failed movie director fantasies, thanks to the advent of CD-ROM technology and the amount of space it afforded them. And sure, most of the examples thrust upon us were terrible, with hammy acting, atrocious scripts and a general feel of ultimate tackiness. But still, Twisted Metal having live-action cut scenes is a good thing. Does this make sense?

Why this is a good thing comes down to one very simple factor: since the FMV heyday of the 90s we have learned to treat these scenes with more than just a bit of irony. Look at the recent entries to the Command & Conquer series for a prime example of how things have gone delightfully daft. Actually, that’s a pretty bad example, as they’ve always been downright silly. Still, check back over the PlayStation’s catalogue for examples of the time before game-makers discovered irony and you will find examples like Soviet Strike (“stop the war, before it starts”) or Krazy Ivan (“NIET! It iz too early!”). They were both great, in their own stupid way, but they lacked the tongue lodged firmly in cheek.

This is why we can’t wait to see Twisted Metal’s live-action cut scenes. Yes, we care about the game too, but it’s the little extras like these that really get us whipped up into a frenzy.

[image via Kotaku]

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