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Twisted Metal: The Movie + Brian Taylor = Yes Please

Twisted Metal: The Movie + Brian Taylor = Yes Please

Twisted Metal will, apparently, get itself a film. It’s an odd one, but it’s one that makes more sense than Battleship, even if Liam Neeson makes Battleship look awesome. What makes this more worth talking about is the name being thrown around as the director of the film: Brian Taylor.

But why is a man who has only directed a few films such a good thing? Why does it matter so? Well, he is one of the two men behind the Crank series. So? So, the two Crank movies are the greatest videogame movies ever made. Yes, I know they’re not actually based on games, but the thinking is solid.

Both films feature a ridiculously-named protagonist, Chev Chelios. Both films feature an outlandish central conceit. Both films feature massive body counts, hugely stereotypical characters, swearing for the sake of swearing, car chases, action from start to finish and whatever other stupid crap people put in videogames these days. Both films are videogames.

They’re also brilliant – genuinely two of the best, most refreshing action movies of the last however many years (and the sort of template that the likes of The Expendables should have followed).

So attaching one of the men who was behind such a brilliant duo of gamealike films to direct an actual game-movie is a decision I for one am 100% behind.

After all, it couldn’t be much worse than the shit we’ve had to put up with so far.

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