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Tribute to Chris McMahon

Tribute to Chris McMahon

Chris McMahon has left Play. He’s now joined… another magazine and even though we can still see his annoying face and hear that Scouse voice chirping “I’ve done so much hard work” if we strain our ears enough because he’s only moved to the other side of our office, Chris McMahon is no longer a member of Play.

Here’s a tribute to his best moments. If you are sufficiently moved by this touching tribute, please leave comments telling us how much you’ll miss him. It would mean a lot.*

* It won’t


Feature Ideas

“We could do a feature on the best free games on PS3! Erm… are there any free games on PS3?”

Mastering PS3


Hard Hitting Journalism

“Best question to ask in an interview would be… when was the last time you ate a Skittle? Or when was the first time you ate a Skittle.”

Still Mastering PS3


“Do you want to see my elephant impression? I’m not getting my penis out!”

Drawing The Rest Of The Play Team

  • Conor

    Best terminator impression ever!