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Treyarch – “Everybody now thinks Modern Warfare 2 is this glitchy game”

Treyarch – “Everybody now thinks Modern Warfare 2 is this glitchy game”

“Everybody now thinks MW2 is this glitchy game,” he told PLAY during a visit to Treyarch’s Santa Monica headquarters, “But that’s just the game people were playing when the mods became popular. So we are fortunate enough to have seen all this during MW2’s time, and were able to build in better security measures into Black Ops.”

Modern Warfare 2 has been plagued by exploits, glitches and cheating, but according to Olin, the worst of the problems were just down to unfortunate timing and not to any fault on the part of Modern Warfare developer, Infinity Ward.

Olin believes Treyarch has benefited from witnessing Modern Warfare 2’s problems from the sidelines, and assures us that strong security measures will be in place for Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

There’s much more information and insight into Call Of Duty: Black Ops in PLAY’s exclusive cover feature this month. Accept no imitations – no other UK PS3 magazine has visited Treyarch and played the game. Pick up a copy at all good newsagents from September 2nd.

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  • Dirk

    I’m not up on all the problems MW2 had when I was playing the game, but the 1 that was mos irritating to me was the matchmaking that wasn’t. I would be level 12 and be placed with level 50 characters who in the end if they wanted to could call in a nuke to wipe out everything. I never expected much after that. The other problem was when a match wasn’t supposed to have more than 16 players in it and we ended up with 21. How was that even possible? Those aren’t players glitching that is bad programming. Let us hope Treyarch does better. What I have heard does give me hope.


    hot the flip everybody “THINK” that MW2 is glitchy game ??? WTF? I’m saying it loud n’ clear,’m yelling it through my window , MW2 IS GLITCHY GAMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Just watch you tube,full of retards that ruined the game. Why??? Cause it’s glitchy like hell! Still is.

  • Smoke

    Im sure this game will be a glitchy mess just like ALL the other COD’s, give it time my friend.

  • wtf

    I hope that they have really good system in place seeing how they have wager matches and if there was ever a time for people to want to cheat that would be it cause now there is something to gain from it. We will see in a few months I guess