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Tretton: It’s all good

Tretton: It’s all good


Jack Tretton, SCEA president and CEO, is looking on the bright side of life as he says PS3 sales are ‘skyrocketing’ and in turn helping out the whole industry. His comments, made recently to Forbes, come after the launch of the PS3 Slim and the worldwide price cuts for all PS3 consoles. Figures shot up in the first week of the Slim being on sale and despite levelling out a little they remain relatively high.

“The environment where PlayStation wins is best for this industry,” Tretton told Forbes and while on the face of things Nintendo and Microsoft may disagree, it can’t be denied that a resurgent PS3 is doing the games industry any harm. Tretton also believes that the boost in sales showed that interest in the PS3 was always high, but people were waiting on the price cut. “[We] couldn’t be happier with the numbers that we’re seeing, and I think [they’re] proof that there was tremendous consumer demand,” he said. “They were just waiting for the price point to come down.”

Via Kotaku and Examiner.com

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